9 Things to Keep In Mind before Calling Pest Control Services

We all need pest control at home, office or other commercial premises at some point or the other. There are few companies that you can check online and learn about their instructions beforehand.

Following are few things you must do before pest controllers arrive at your place:

  1. Clear All Ways

Leave sufficient place in and around your house for the pest control people to move and perform tasks. They may want quick access to the remote and dark areas or corners of your premise too. 

  1. Remove Furniture

Remove any excess or portable furniture to allow professionals to spray on your walls and ceilings. Without this, pest control cannot be as effective as you may expect.

  1. Cover the Food

Sometimes, professionals use harsh chemicals for stubborn and dangerous pests. Please ensure you have no food left outside the refrigerator to avoid any lethal effect on health.  

  1. Transport Patients

If you have pest problems in your hospital rooms, please ensure to transport patients to the adjoining rooms or other facilities, if possible. There can be a negative impact on the health of such patients otherwise. 

  1. Step Outside

It is always advisable to step outside your house once the pest control has started. You never know what allergy can trigger if you inhale certain chemical sprays or other elements. 

  1. Enter Late

Whatever your premises may be – corporate or personal – you must give some time to the chemicals to subside and then enter your area. By doing this, you also allow the air to get purified or breathable. 

  1. Cover Kitchen Utensils

It would be wise to cover all the kitchen utensils with a plastic sheet so you can prevent any spay from getting on to it. Kitchen utensils have direct contact with food and hence should be taken care of beforehand.

  1. Locate Your Pets

Pets have stronger senses, especially when it comes to sniffing. Inhaling chemical-prone air can make then fall sick pretty easily. It is, therefore, very crucial for you to relocate your pets to a safe place and get them back after a day or two after pest control.

  1. Cover Wall Paintings

Sometimes, certain chemicals may affect the colors of your paintings in an adverse way. They may start with discoloration and you never know that could be the painting for which you’ve paid a fortune. And if you did, you must consider this point at any cost!  

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